Rawist is a raw food recipe community where you can find raw food recipes, submit your own (coming soon), and even embed your favorites—using the embed code—on your site! It’s your online recipe box for raw food. And it’s FREE!

We believe that optimal nutrition and health comes from a 100% natural, organic, whole food diet high in raw foods. We recommend approaching nutrition from an uncooked, raw living food perspective and only then adding in cooked foods that don’t have a raw alternative and that you know are healthful and beneficial for your body–such as boiled quinoa, boiled wild rice or for some even organic eggs, salmon, and scallops. Keeping it all natural is the key.

Tip: Don’t concentrate on *removing* bad things from your diet. This just creates a void that will be eventually be filled with less desirable past habits. Instead, concentrate on *adding* natural, healthful alternatives that you enjoy and you’ll find lasting change.

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