Cheesy Kale Chips Recipe

Posted by Rawist
The best cheesy kale chips around. A great raw food snack.


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  • Prep Time :
    15 min
  • Cook Time :
    480 min
  • Ready Time :
    8 h, 15 min


12 servings



1.) Wash and dry the kale. Cut the tough stems out of the center. Then tear by hand or cut the kale into about 2-inch chunks.
2.) In a blender, blend the cashews, red bell pepper (seed core removed), water, nutritional yeast, salt, and the juice squeezed from 2 lemons until it is all smooth.
3.) Place the kale in a large mixing bowl, then pour the cheesy sauce over the kale and massage it into the kale for about one minute. This helps the kale absorb the flavors.
4.) Spread evenly on one or two food dehydrator trays and dehydrate at 118°F (47°C) for about 8 hours until crispy. Or dehydrate at 145°F (62°C) for 1 hour, then lower the temperature down to 118°F (47°C) for 4-5 hours until crispy. This works as well without harming the enzymes because enzymes are not nearly as susceptible to temperature while in the wet state. But as they dry they become more susceptible to heat and the temperature must then be kept at or below 118°F (47°C) to avoid killing the enzymes. Because of the time it takes for these to dry, it often works well to make these in the morning before going to work or just before going to sleep at night so they’re ready in the morning.

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